Friday, 2 January 2015



One the very first day of the ultimate blog challenge, I would like to put my ‘being’ before you. 
I share the things that have shaped me as an individual.

Lately it’s been a trend to put everything in numerical, like ‘10 books you must read in 2015’, ‘20 facts you need to know about your future spouse’, ‘25 ways to make your marriage a success’, ‘30 mantras to stay happy after divorce and break-up’ ‘ 35 facts you must know about your second marriage’ etc. 
So to take a leap into blogging challenge I tried to muster my absurdity in eleven points. You can call them (if you wish) ‘11 facts you must know about your fellow blogger’. I would be happy to know yours too.

Here I go-
1.  Usually I am an introvert but ready to become extrovert in the company of beautiful people.

Now it’s a bit weird. You would think that this is the answer of a person who doesn’t know exactly who he is. You are right. I am an occasional introvert and opportunistically extrovert. When it is good to be inside I enjoy it and when it’s good to be outside of myself I make the most of it too. Ok I have a term for it- ‘ambivert’.

2.   Love to read and eager to talk about the books, movies, music and unexplainable things in life.

3.   I like to confuse people around me because doing so I bring them to my level. I believe two confused people are the liveliest and most entertaining of all. As two happy people double the happiness of each-other and two miserly fellows darken the misery of each-other, in the same way two confused people heighten the confusion in the atmosphere.
The more confusion, the greater the fun.

4.   My motto- ‘take it easy but don’t be lazy
There is a thin line between ‘taking easy’ and ‘becoming lazy’. I often mingled the terms in the past and regretted a lot afterward.

5.   Love to explore the funny sides of things.
6.   Love to love and get loved.
7.   Very choosy about friends and foes.
8.   Beware …….Can’t keep a secret….!!!

9.   Believe in ghosts (in the stories) and would like to invent few more.

10.  Can’t tolerate cheaters.

11.  I Hate gossip mongers;
I used to be one once. So I know how entertaining business it is to poke nose in others’ business and how it supplies the continuous scratching to our itchy mentality like those family soups. I know how hard it is not to fall for gossiping.

So take it from me-‘gossiping is the most shameful use of your time’.

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