Monday, 4 April 2016

Book ReView: Glimpses Of a Golden Childhood

It happens when we listen to Osho or read him, we get connected to Buddha if he is talking about him, we feel the presence of Kabir around when he simplifies his melodious bhajans and dohe for us and when he unfolds Mahavira, we can feel how it would be like sitting beside Mahavira. 
Osho talks almost on everything. He suggests the solutions to the problems we are facing today or are likely to encounter tomorrow.
 But ten years before, reading or listening to Osho was like becoming the part of conspiracy against the world.
 We would meet Osho through his CDs, books and meditations but they were like the secret meetings held at the rendezvous. It was so because our parents and our grown up relatives (so called) wouldn’t allow us to read this rebellious master.  Still we read many of his books and listened to his discourses as many as we could dare to.
By and by, his literature and enchanting voice ignited the rebellious spirit in us and we (my friends and I) started breaking the chains to get in touch with him.
His all books and cds are treasures of wisdom and happiness but what I love the most is ‘Glimpses of a golden childhood’. 

The mere remembrance of the book makes me feel as if a fresh morning breeze is caressing me. The book is a beautiful account of Osho’s childhood experiences which he shared with his closest disciples. Osho told as he recalled, without the sequence. His disciples wove those beautiful incidents into a marvelous book.  
The tone of the narration is soft and tickles the readers. On some pages you would burst into laughter and every page would bring an insight for you.
‘How he met Gandhiji at a small railway-station at around 5.00 in the morning and donated one ana to the charity fund Gandhiji was raisingit was the only coin he had’, ‘how he made the ghosts in his village to flee away’ are the incidents which leave the reader rolling with laughter and make their eyes wet with their elements of innocence.
I wish rather want to shout and urge that everyone should read this book and sip the elixir of wisdom from ‘Glimpses of a golden childhood’ of an enlightened master.

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