Monday, 10 February 2014


Let Love Not Be Limited for Their Toys Only.

Hello friends.... wish you a very happy Teddy Bear's Day.
                                              Do you know how this bear was born?  I mean off course the teddy bear not just a bear. Bear is as old as the human beings (i don't know exactly when it enters into 'the Evolution’) but the teddy bear which is the hero of the day is not that old. It has come into being in the year 1902-03 and after a century this cute, innocent, ever-young dude has been ruling over the hearts of children and the hearts of those who have forgotten their age in love and have again become children in love. So, the fate had arranged a strange incident to give this fellow a zabardast background for the welcome.
                               The then Governor of Mississippi invited the then President of USA Theodor Roosevelt for the hunting. But Roosevelt Sahib seemed not a hunter of the first water. I guess neither of the second or of the third water, because even after three days he was unable to kill any  animal (might be he was a man of the first water). The next day the hunt guide had found a black old bear that was badly injured by the dogs. The guide tied the bear to the nearby willow tree and called for the president to shoot but Mr. Roosevelt refused to shoot it as it was unsportsmanlike for him. But Roosevelt ordered to kill the bear to free it from its suffering as it was wailing in the pain. After the news of this incident a famous political cartoonist of USA Clifford Berryman published a cartoon in the Washington Post on 16 Nov., 1902. In it Roosevelt was shown refusing to shoot the bear. Eventually a NY candy shop owner, Morris Michtom, inspired by this cartoon to make a toy of bear for the children. He put two stuffed toy bears in his shop window made by his wife and  when Mr. Roosevelt  grant the permission to use his name for the bear, Morris Michtom branded his toy bears as ‘teddy- bears’. Mr. Roosevelt was known as Teddy by his close ones at that time so it became ‘Teddy’s bear’. Is not the story interesting?
It’s good that the teddy bear has become the symbol for love and sympathy. But if it becomes symbol of love and sympathy for the animals, birds and the entire environment which is embracing us all the time, we will surely be a step ahead toward a matured and loving humanity. Let love not be limited for their toys only. What do you say?

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