Thursday, 13 February 2014


It happens in no particular season.

It happens for no particular reason.

                               There is no specific season of it. It doesn’t weave its haze according to your calendar. In fact, the more you are eager to have it , the more it feints you and when you don’t make any efforts for it, the chance of getting  your eyes their sky in an another  pair of eyes, is high. It comes like an unexpected, unwelcome guest and becomes inseparable part of your being. It’s the strangest part of this game, isn’t it?
Everyone under the sun is seeking this adobe which is without door and walls. The thirst we have for it is the curse and the blessing for us at the same time. It’s the surest pain reliever and the greatest pain inducer on earth, above earth and under earth. It gives us peace but puts us at the center of the storm. It’s the flood which destroys all your veneered civilization. It takes you to your most ancient and wildest core. One of its many mysteries is that you cannot help anybody though you have experienced its dangers and wonders. You can understand one’s pain and pleasure,sufferings and blessings that accompany him on this path but you cannot do anything for him. He himself has to walk his path,he himself has to bear the pain , and most of all he himself has to treasure in his heart the essence which is the reward of his sufferings and the tears.
What I am talking about?  Yes certainly about four letter magical word: love.
It happens in no particular season.
Its happens for no particular reason.

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