Friday, 7 March 2014

on women's day

 Many faces of Happiness.


Her tears bring flood

Her smile lightens the mood

            She cries and echoes the sky

            Her rages makes the earth dry

She is a mother-a treasure of compassion

She is a lover –an arrow of passion

She is a daughter-rebirth of innocence

She is a wife-a dutiful presence

She is a sister – a critique-eyed mentor

She is a granny-the greatest storyteller

 She has many faces she has many charms

 She is omniscient, infinite are her forms

 Lets take an oath to care her, to protect her

 The world will flourish more in her prayer.



vishalbheeroo said...

Beautiful poem on many forms of Women:)

amol khadse said...

thanks vishal..

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