Sunday, 10 August 2014


No matter who’s younger, who’s elder
They are brother and sister until forever

They fight, they hug, they cry together
With all hues of rainbow they color each-other

They come to life to enrich the lives
They share chocolates, sorrows and joys

They have the same origin but different destinations
They board from the same place to reach different stations

She teaches him what softness means
She gives him lessons how love wins

He makes her tough, fearless and dare-devil
He teaches her to stand and fight the evil

They grow hand-in-hand looking beyond the sky
They never know when they’d depart and why

One fine day, a new life she embraces
Fighting the tears with smiley faces

A piece of his heart, he feels, is going away
He comforts himself ‘no one is to stay’

His life misses something, his heart misses her
She comes back on Rakhi, fills the home with pleasure

Rakhi ties their lives, a shield of love
Leaving behind the memories, a treasure-trove


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