Friday, 8 August 2014



She pressed hard the swelling of her upper lip with the lower teeth. And sometimes she licked it with her tongue. This was her way to replenish the charm of last night.  That tiny semicircular bulge had become her secret sharer. The bulge which bore the mark of his teeth had become a mysterious remembrance of his rudeness.

‘How rude he acted initially but later how his masculine horse power merged into this soft, tender beauty’, she thought, admiring her own well shaped, seductive body structure. She smiled and took that bulge into her upper lip one more time.

Throughout the day she wasn’t aware about the light the sun was showering. Inside her the previous night was still awake as intense as the day outside. She was awake to the possibilities of the ecstatic joy that had been hidden in her body. She was widely awake to the upsurge of heat and fire that had the center between her thighs. She was awake to the fact that the wildfire below her pelvis could spread crazily into every cell of her body by his mere touch. And what would happen afterward was too profound to express in words and was too overwhelming to hide within.

She licked the bulge again and again and again. She wanted to ride over that rocking wave right then. She was too excited to wait for the night of his arrival. She couldn’t do anything but anticipating the moment when he would take her to the peak ecstasy by sweating, laboring  hard and acting wise while whispering her name in her ear.

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