Saturday, 5 April 2014


Its day five of a-to-z challenge. 
Lets remember AlbertEinstein. 'E' got much weight since 'Einstein' introduced ' E=mc2'
E for: Einstein and Eternity.

                      “Don't try to be 'an Einstein'” my friend scolded upon me as I was trying to prove myself ‘an intellect’. Actually I was explaining him the theory of relativity which I supposed I understood better. It was all about our attempt about how we should manage our time between our hobbies and the studies. And we were seeking solution in Einstein’s ‘special theory of relativity’. According to the theory if we did our things a little faster, we would get enough spare time to watch movies and for outing. It meant if we move more into space we would use less time. So as a result we would get a little extra time. My friend was enough convinced [might be confused due to my complex explanation of the simple theory] to give a smile of approval.
                   We started following our schedule according to the theory of Einstein and we succeeded relatively. But the time we spared for our hobbies was used in reading the biographies of this legendary scientist and admiring his extra-ordinary talent.
                   Albert Einstein has change the approach of study of science. Once ‘a slow learner’ in his childhood has given the velocity [yes speed with direction] to many discoveries and inventions which would be proved the blessings to mankind. The boy who had been dismissed from the school saying ‘he won’t do anything in life’ now ruling the science books of primary schools to the research laboratories.
                   As Buddha has become the symbol of ‘enlightened people’, Genghis khan or Hitler is the synonyms for violent and cruel rulers, we use Einstein for the ‘prodigious talent and intellects’.
                  Science will remember him till the eternity.



vishal bheeroo said...

Ive been a slow learner and late developer who flunked in junior. The post makes sense to me and kudos for such free flow of thoughts. Well done:)

amol khadse said...

thanks a lot..and i have great respect for slow learners as most of them have make history..have a nice time.

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