Monday, 14 April 2014


  It's the day of letter 'L' and I reminisces about my childhood days with 'Letter and Postman uncle'
 I may sound orthodox and outdated as I have chosen to write about the snail-paced mean of communication- letter.

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Letter and postman uncle:
      I was standing at the door of the house of a man who had become the cause of many pleasant moments in my childhood. He is 80 years old now. He used to bring the parcels of happiness for us in those days when letter would carry the love and the words written with hands would exchange the seasons through them. He couldn’t clearly hear now. I had to call him ‘Mannu Chacha… letter’ with the same drawl that we, children, would recite running after his bicycle until he stopped under the Neem tree. Hearing the familier sound, Mannu chacha readily recognized me. He gave me a heartywelcome in his home and took me on the nostalgic trip with him.  His eyes regained their mischievous smile that would appear when he’d hide our letters to annoy us and would give us when we would come on the verge of crying.
      He reminisced about the days of snail-mail and I found myself once again running behind the bicycle of Mannu Chacha calling, ‘Mannu Chacha… letter’.
      Trust me, I dare say in the age when we connect with anyone on earth with a click on our mobile or computer, we can’t be as close to our distant dear ones as we could through a letter written in our own hand-writing.
    We, children, would gather around the cycle of the postman raising our hands to grab the letter. Those who were luckier would run home cheering, laughing and waving the letter like a medal. And those whose hands came down empty would take home a promise of one in future.
    Writing a letter was a pleasure which is rare today and waiting for the reply and receiving it when the curiosity reaches the peak is unimaginable in the age of communication.
     No postman uncle comes to our door in these days. We needn’t waste our time waiting for a letter. Now we are in touch with each-other 24x7. Our massage-boxes are overflowing with the sms, most of our time we spend on social media sites or mobile phones. Still we have lost the very essence of communication.
Have excess of it spoiled its essence?
What do you think?

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