Thursday, 24 April 2014

P for : Play In a Play


P for : Play in a play
    ‘My eyes were glued for a while’ he admitted to no one but himself. When he was delivering his dialogue-“go away from my sight” on stage, he wasn’t sure he really wanted her to go away. Her deep black eyes had taken him to an unfamiliar yet amazing territory like a black hole. He had lost the sense of time and space and his identity which he had preserved with much effort was shattered. Her appearance was an invitation and a challenge at the same time.
      She was standing before her. The play was going as it should be. The audiences were rocking on the waves of emotions of the characters on stage. They were applauding lavishly with clapping, laughter and tears. The play was making its way to the hearts of the people. Deepak had merged into the character he was enacting until she turned and saw into his eyes in one of the scenes. And …and he forgot his dialogues, a long pause followed. For the viewers the pause was an acknowledgement of the skills of the actors. How could they sense what was happening between Deepak and Heena?
      The play ended amid the big applause. But Deepak felt that he had lost the grip over his role. A different character tried to take hold of him while being with Heena.
       As the shows of the drama, ‘o beauty, where is thy tenderness!’ were performed on the several different stages, the lover within Deepak took over the actor in him.
      The fact that Heena was married couldn’t smother the flame in his heart and the truth that his helplessness on stage would spoil his career as an actor couldn’t soothe the storm in his heart.


Susan Kane said...

I think this has elements of story telling, but it is too long. the words need to be chosen with care and eliminating superfluous sentence. That is the best way to become a good writer.
Over from the A to Z.

amol khadse said...

thanks a lot Susan...your frank suggestions are valuable for luck for a-to-z-challenge..

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