Saturday, 12 April 2014


 Lots of people among us believe in kismet or fate. Either because they had experienced a big, irreparable loss of loved ones or they had drenched in the shower of unexpected happiness…
On the 11th day of A-to-Z blogging challenge, I shared a small story with you. Today ‘K’ is for kismet.


K for: Kismet…. 
‘Had I not named my selfishness ‘kismet’, fate, I wouldn’t have to bear this unbearable pain in my heart’ Nachiket repented thousandth time on his mistake in the past.
His cowardice had gifted him a wound, the wound that deepened by each passing day, 
The wound that kindled itself by the fire of guilt,
The wound that was the outcome of his mercenary desires,
The wound that sneaked into his heart when he refused to hear his inner voice, 
The wound that established its existence when he left his wife in the hands of kismet.
  It had covered his soul when he decided not to waste his hard-earned money on the decaying body of his wife who would die anyway.
  It had gnawed his entire soul when he left her room turning deaf ear to her crying and yelling, “Save me, take me to doctor”.
 ‘Had I valued a life more than anything else………’
 ‘Had I taken her to doctors………..’  He again slipped into the dark hell of guilt and repentance.
   His tears, his prayers couldn’t soften the sting he felt in his heart, neither they could take him to the past, nor they could wash away the mistakes he committed.


vishal bheeroo said...

Hey dude! Love ur writing and the letters are amazing. I have nominated u for some award on

amol khadse said...

thanks a lot vishal...your compliment really has uplifted my i feel i took the right decision to partcipate in a-to-z-blogging journey...thanks again.

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