Thursday, 10 April 2014


  on the 9th day of A-TO-Z blogging challenge. ' INDIanVIDUALITY' is a new attempt of sharing what i think about my country.

 I for:  Indi(an)viduality


             what makes one an Indian?’
-         When ‘I’ stands for India and not for ‘I’.
             Today’s chaotic situation of this land of sages is the outcome of our too much self-centric approach. We measure everything against our personal gain. Our self-centered nature has defeated our spirit of nationalism.
             This is high time for us to doubt our maturity as a citizen. If the inhumane events like ‘Godhra Massacre’, ‘Mujaffarnagar’s communal riot’ are still ruling the pages of our newspapers, if ‘honor killing’ is the reward of falling in love without considering the caste and religion of other person, we do need a sharp introspection.
           Six decades after the independence we still vote the leaders because he is of our caste or religion, or because he does some personal favors to us.
          We think ourselves first as a Maharashtrian, a Tamilian, an Assamese, a Bihari, a Gujrati. We label ourselves as a Hindu, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Christian and then we think about being an Indian.
        We, are, occasional Indians. On republic day or Independence Day, we buy a flag, mix our voice in the patriotic songs that burst through the D.Js, admire the heroes of the freedom struggle, feel proud to be Indian, go home  and  again put ourselves into the linguistics, regional or religious cages.
        We have given ourselves a fake individuality. When our individuality merged into the ‘indianviduality’ , we will see a new dawn of peace, fraternity and prosperity on the horizon.


CLR said...

This is quite interesting. My daughter spent two months there, and found a deep love for the people there. I hope you find your way.

amol khadse said...

the people are really loving here....but we haven't been aware about the rights and situation is growing rapidly..

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