Wednesday, 30 April 2014

T FOR: TEA is my cup of tea

Tea is my cup of tea!!!
 They say, ‘British sold tea in India on 100% discount initially to make the innocent people addict of this beverage’. If it’s true, we can say that they achieved their business purpose. And now it has become the most popular beverage in all the strata of Indian society.
Though the drink doesn’t have any intoxicating content as per as chemistry is concerned. But mind you, it gives you a different charm when you need it the most. Moreover it makes you more awake unlike other beverages that blur your vision.
So in short it’s a social and decent drink that makes your meetings tolerable and memorable.
Tea takes many forms in India- cutting, kam-shakkar (with less sugar), special (which is pronounced as pesshal or isspesshal according to the variation in dialects).
In India where we believe or say used to believe, ‘athhiti devo bhav’ (guest is god), tea holds the first place in the offerings to guests. The easy availability and affordability should be one of the reasons behind its omnipresence.
Tea makes the hospitality a little easier. No guest will mind if he returns only over a cup of tea as tea fuels the conversation for hours without interruption. It means ‘tea’ is the least expectation from a guest and the best mean of hospitality for a host in India. Guys lot can happen over tea also!
In these days tea is coming in many interesting combinations- tea with cigarette, tea with wadapav, tea with bhajjia .
For me tea and book, tea and  the rain are the loveliest combinations.
I feel proud to say ‘tea is my cup of tea’. What about you?

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