Tuesday, 29 April 2014


hi friends, i know i am behind by almost six letters. i don't know if i am in the challenge. still i am posting the posts. i hope you will understand.
the letter 's' brings a story. Frankly it's a stroll of my mind on the shore of the sea of imagination. i don't know if it can be called a story. now it' over to you.


 She Strolled on the Seashore
           She took the stroll to the sea-shore alone. She wanted to feel the moist breeze coming from the sea to land. She wanted to see how the night songs of the tidal orchestra resonated in her heart. She wanted to touch the moist sand on the shore with her bare feet. And above all she wanted to be alone that night, utterly alone.
           Her husband was sleeping in the hotel room where they had stayed. ‘My knot was tied to that beast for the lifetime’ she thought and with his remembrance a ripple of disgust ran through her body. Her mind started thinking about her relationship with her husband-‘how he had hidden his snake-teeth from her before marriage’, ‘now how he boasts of his poisonous shrewdness’. But at the moment, she wanted to get rid of all the misery of life.
         Being with her own company surrounded by the caring night was one of those moments that gave her the strength to face the reality.
          Now she is alone walking along the sea shore. She felt as if a dull, heavy prose turned into a melodious poem. The tidal dance of the sea was on the peak as if many seasoned dancers were showing their best performance together. Their moves seemed to be mingling into one-another's. The bright, golden moon above the horizon was in hurry as if moving forward excitedly to get the proper view of the performance.
         But again her untouched virgin solace was disturbed by the stings of the wounds her past had given her. Again she tried to throw away the torturing pieces of memories giving a slight jerk to her body as if the memories were only the dust on her clothes. She wanted to weep away her gnawing past and threatening future. She wished, ‘if I could stretched this moment till eternity’, ‘if I could convince the night to stay a little longer’
         The moon, stars, night and the air all seemed dancing and singing in unison. She too had merged completely…..almost! But a tiny yet strong, dark thread was holding her to the life of a senseless creature that she had chosen as the life-partner few years back. She couldn’t surrender herself in the moment nor was she ready to face her future. She saw the day was announcing his arrival in the east. The stars, the tides looked as if had been spent by the nocturnal celebration. The moon was dozing at his place.                                                                                                                                  
        She turned around and walked showing her back to the east.


vishalbheeroo said...

Very well written Amol and thought-provoking post that moves the soul.

amol khadse said...

thank you vishal...

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