Friday, 4 April 2014

Dearest Dad

D for:  Dearest dad/ a letter to dad.
It’s the 4th day of a-to-z challenge, and it’s a D-day and I wrote a letter to my Dad which I could have never written. It’s a nice feeling to express our love to our dad.

 Dearest dad
                 I know you don’t like the show of love and you prefer the language of silence to the vague language of words. Still I am writing you the first letter ever. We, the people in the age of 3-G communication, have forgotten to speak without the words.
                 You never spoke about your responsibility and how much you love us. That was your ways. Your ways had always been ‘out of the world’.                                                 You’d always say that I never asked you for anything. It wasn’t because I was sensible as you praised me but because you gave me so much without asking even before I realized my needs.
                  I remember, you would slip a hundred rupee note in my empty wallet when I went deep in the sleep. And you would go to work on the farm in early morning without giving me a chance to say you thank.
                I remember when I was leaving the home to chase the will-o-wisp of my ambitions; on that day too you went to the farm early in the morning to till the land and I was sure that the tears would have dropped out of your eyes that you tried to held back till then and mixed with your sweat buds in the field.
             Now I understand why they call a father ‘the sky’ and a mother ‘the earth’. We feel the existence of mother on each step. On contrary we don’t notice the vast emptiness of the sky. Its blue hug soothes us in day and its starry existence at night strengthens our dreams.
               You were so commanding in your wordless language. It would never fail to express what you wanted to say. When we’d make mistakes, you’d refuse to even look at us and it was the harshest punishment. And when you were sure that I was on the right path, the glistening sea in your eyes would give me roaring applause of compliment.
             Dad, I will always choose a right path to see that applauding sea in your eyes.



Debra said...

That is really beautiful.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Your relationship with your dad reminds me of mine with my dad many years ago. If I had ever written a letter to him, it would have been similar to yours. Thank you. Peace and love to you.

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amol khadse said...

thank you so much..

amol khadse said...

thank you very much.....have a great time

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