Thursday, 3 April 2014

On the third day of a-to-z challenge. i reminisce my childhood days and share the urge to go back and live those days again when the life was a beautiful mystery.

C for:     Childhood
                    Childhood is the part of life when we know nothing about life but know everything about how to make the most of it.
                     A simple ice-candy gives us the supreme joy. A shower of hailstone in the pre-monsoon days feels like the gift of God to us after bearing the wrath of sun in the hot summer. The run, a little above the ground, to catch the manza of the kite seems the only goal of life.
The eyes without any contamination of lust, greed or ambition can see the miracle in everything every day.
                     We search our lost childhood-days rest of our life, don’t we? We play all those dirty games of ambition at the stake of innocence and purity of heart. We trade our capacity to see magic around us to earn a little more happiness.
                     Life is the journey to regain our childhood or it’s a test of our skill to protect child in our heart against all the tempests in the journey.

“Oh lord! Take me to those lanes where I’d play the pebbles with my pals
Where cry of joys, shouts of victory, laughs of freedom are hidden in the walls

Where I found my best buddies, the cordial companions
Where we’d rule the hearts we lived like the champions

I may get back my honesty, heart, root and the ground
I may be again human with all the mates around”. 


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