Friday, 11 April 2014


It’s 10th day of this memorable journey of A-to-Z blogging challenge. ‘J’ reminds me of June, the month that witnesses the coming of monsoon. Monsoon fills the nature with green grace and our hearts with an incomparable joy. Can we see ‘June’ in a different perspective?    

         It is again a June, the month which witnesses the farewell to the fierce summer and experience the welcome to the Monsoon.
        The earth proudly bears the crevices on her body, signs of the offerings she has gifted to the beloved sky so that the sky would quench his thrust. The earth is dry now. She has nothing to offer to anyone. She doubts if she could grow even a tinniest seed in her womb. But she knows it is June again, the month of meeting with her blue-eyed lover.
      The sky is as passionate as the earth to meet her. Or maybe, he is more eager than her as he can’t leave her alone to suffer in the relentless heat of the sun. But he can’t do anything now as he has to wander around and collect the enough drops to soak the earth from the head to the toe. He goes to lakes, seas, oceans, rivers, collects the drops and comes right over the earth waiting for the favorable air. The hours pass, the days pass, the week pass; he become restless to take her into his arms. She is drying more by each passing moment. Her beautiful body has become a long stretch of wounds and sufferings. Her breaths are becoming heavier. But her heart is as alive as ever in the hope that the June wouldn’t be so merciless.
          Half of the June passes without any hint of shower. The sky becomes more restless. He wants to shower on her, he wants to give her the supreme gift of love, and he wants to be one with her breath, with her heart. But nature seems to have on bad terms with them.
         Now it’s the last week of June. The sky feels a cool breeze in the middle of night. He shivers, overwhelmed, thundered with the ecstatic joy. The time has come! The time that makes the life worth-living.The earth is wrapping a shawl of darkness around her. He removes it. She is blushing, tears rolling down from her eyes in happiness. He showers all his love on her. She drinks to the heart’s content. They become one after the long, heart-wrenching aloofness. They bless June.They bless everything.
      They celebrate the Monsoon. She gets her beauty back. Her wounds are healed. The gashes of the heat are cured. She gets her richness, serenity back. Her womb is now capable to nourish innumerable seeds.
       The Monsoon ends. The sky becomes dry now.  He has made himself empty to fill her womb, to keep her green forever.
       They separate. She promises that she will always be waiting for him. He promises her that he won’t keep her waiting so long in next June. 

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